About Foresight Consulting

About Foresight Consulting
" Our mission is to help business leaders in different industries to develop a deeper insight of African business and support the internationalization of African firms"

We are passionate about business opportunities in Africa, and its inherent challenges. Our goal is to create an understanding and an awareness of doing business in Africa within the Nordic countries through our consulting services and Nordic Business Platforms.

Our services span across several facets of doing business and entering the African market such as market entry consulting, knowledge sharing platform services, HR and Talent Pool Services. Our market entry consulting comprise of Market Research, Import from Africa, Export Market Development, Project Business in Africa and Acquisitions in Africa. Our knowledge sharing business platform consists of business seminars focused on doing business in Africa, Matchmaking & FDI Promotion, Training Courses. Also, every quarter, our consultants share best practices via Executive Articles on specific issues about doing business in Africa.

Our business seminars (e.g., Nordic Seminars on Doing Business in Africa) brings experts and business executives doing business in Africa and is aimed at knowledge sharing and providing useful networks and tools on successfully entering and managing business operations in Africa. Our business and intercultural training courses on doing business in Africa help prepare managers on the African context of doing business. Our courses include Expatriate Relocation and Adaptation in Africa Training (ERAAT), Cultural intelligence and business negotiation (DBAT) and Doing Business in Africa Training (DBAT).

Our ERAAT course culturally prepares expatriates relocating to Africa to ensure that they successfully adapt to the new culture.  Doing business in Africa training is a practical case-based course focusing on providing entrepreneurs and business executives guidelines, tools and knowledge of how to exploit business opportunities in Africa. Our Cultural intelligence and business negotiation training (CIBT) prepares employees and managers with negotiation and cultural skills to successfully do business in Africa

Foresight consulting also offers Talent pool services by helping Nordic firms search for potential human resource needs for specific tasks, projects or full-time work in Africa.

Our consultants are experts and researchers and they have an excellent education from relevant fields, and profound experience from the private sector, including consulting services for policy and business decision making.  To know more about our specific services click on the link consulting services.

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