Acquisitions in Africa

Acquisitions in Africa
Foresight consulting have local insights in M&A activities that are unique to Africa. Through our local embeddedness and networks of partners we create more value for our clients throughout the M&A process. We have in-depth industry knowledge and deep experience in Africa M&A transactions. Our methodologies and tools have been developed taken into cognizance M&A context-specific issues in Africa. Dr. Nnamdi Oguji

Our Acquisition consulting offerings consist of:

Acquisition Strategy Development in Africa

We help our clients define acquisition strategy in Africa that reflects the changing landscape of industries, customers, and competitors in Africa. We help our customers identify potential targets for acquisition in different Sub-Saharan African countries that align with their corporate strategy. We also help our clients to develop a coherent acquisition strategy in Africa consolidating their growth opportunities in Africa. Our acquisition strategy services include:

  • Target search & screening
  • Serial/regional acquisition strategy development
  • Deal structuring
Acquisition Execution in Africa

For our acquisition execution service, we coordinate the due diligence process, analyze potential synergies, assist in negotiating the contract and any other commercial agreements necessary to complete the acquisition transaction. Our services on execution stages include:

  • Due diligence
  • Synergy analysis
  • Bid and negotiation support
Acquisition Integration in Africa

We help our clients address both tasks and human integration needs, taking into cognizance the unique context of Africa. Our integration services enable our clients to be prepared from day one of integration. Our integration services include both pre-integration and post-integration support such as:

  • Integration strategy planning and Support
  • Developing suitable HR practices for the acquired firm.

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