Export Market Development

Export Market Development
At Foresight Consulting, we help our clients to develop export markets in Africa by assisting them to develop export strategies and searching for suitable partners in the African market. We also help governments in developing effective export promotion programs to boost exporting growth.

Export Market Development:

  • Developing strategies for exporting to Sub Saharan African market
  • Export Partner Search & Screening: Developing suitable partner selection criteria, searching for potential export partners/agents/distributors in West African market.
  • Expanding Exporting Operations in Africa
  • Consultation on the entire process (export market development, Partner Selection, Exporting Logistics and Distribution; Export market expansion) of exporting to West African Market

Trade between Africa and the rest of the world has doubled between 2010-2015 and today, Africa has richer export markets to pick from not just in North America and Europe, but also across an increasing number of Asian countries. One of the biggest challenges for Nordic firms is how to export their products to or develop their exports markets in Africa.

For this reason, Foresight Consulting helps Nordic firms to research and identify promising export markets for their products/services in Africa and determine the opportunities and demand characteristics of the specific market and target group. Also, at Foresight Consulting, we help Nordic firms solve export constraints in the African market and develop export strategy and marketing plans that will take advantage of the opportunities inherent in the African market. We utilize our partner selection methodology to help Nordic firms to search for suitable partners/distributors or agents in the African market.

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