Import from Africa

Import from Africa
The language capability of emerging Africa countries coupled with their relatively low labor costs and suitable time zone, positions Africa as a destination for shared service outsourcing for European corporations. In addition, several US apparel importers have shifted their production out of China to Africa as Chinese wage costs escalate. Chinese investors are also making major manufacturing investments in Africa. Africa is the last place to find cheap labor for the next 20 years Dr. Nnamdi Oguji

Our import consulting is focused on shared service outsourcing and agricultural and non-oil product sourcing from Africa. We assist companies’ especially small and medium scale businesses to expand or create new import opportunities from Africa.

We help companies research potential import sources in Sub-Sahara Africa. We identify and screen capable sources/Suppliers, and advise on how best to deal successfully with, and develop their suppliers from Africa.

Specifically, our services comprise of:

  • Potential Source/Supplier identification for shared service outsourcing and agricultural and non-oil product sourcing
  • Background check and due-diligence analysis
  • Developing an effective and efficient supplier from Africa
  • Enhancing your import supply chain operations from Africa

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