Market Research

Market Research
At foresight consulting, we provide information on Africa new growing opportunities and we offer insight and guidance through our networks of partners on how best to tap these opportunities and do business in Africa.

There are a tremendous amount of business opportunities for investing in Africa. For SME’s, resource constraints may hinder their ability to dedicate resources to explore these opportunities. For large companies, the lack of open and available data on these opportunities may impede their ability to find these opportunities. At Foresight Consulting, we are on the ground in Africa and Europe, we understand and see these business opportunities.

Our knowledge of African business, African institutions, a network of strategic partners and state-of-the-art methodologies allows us to conducts research on different markets and business opportunities in Africa. Our scope of expertise covers consumption patterns in Africa, market clusters, competition, and consumer insight. Our aim is to provide Nordic firms a better understanding of the African market, consumers and distribution networks to enable them to understand how their product fits into the African market and how they can take advantage of the opportunities and succeed in the market.

Our market research consulting service includes:

  • Market size (Understand the size of the target market & know if it is big enough for your
    product offering to be successful in Africa)
  • Industry and competitive analysis (understand the industry structure and competition in the chosen
    Sub-Saharan African (SSA) country
  • Mapping institutional and legal environment affecting businesses/specific products
  • Business potentials, trends, leading indicators and future growth outlook for your products in Africa
  • How to market and promote your product and service offering in the specific African country.
  • Identification of potential business partners
  • How to best enter the target market in Africa and exploit the opportunities
  • How to price your products and services in the new target market in Africa

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