Foresight consulting signed a memorandum of agreements to be the sole representative of EGGZOTIC NIGERIA LIMITED

Foresight consulting Avoin Yhtio signed a memorandum of agreements to be the sole representative of EGGZOTIC NIGERIA LIMITED, RC1185482 in Finland and Europe and to search for possible buyers of its agricultural produce in Nigeria.

About Eggzotic: Eggzotic is a leading agribusiness in Nigeria operating across the value chain from food production and processing to marketing, distribution and procurement. Established in Nigeria – Africa’s economic capital – Eggzotic is focused on leveraging the vast agricultural potential of Nigeria to boost food production that meets the needs of a large and fast growing local population and an expanding industrial base that depends on agricultural raw materials and inputs.

In addition to the domestic demand for food and agricultural produce, we believe that Africa has the capacity to become a net exporter of food to the international community over the next few decades, and we are keen to play a leading role in achieving this goal (John-Paul Iwuoha, Executive Director, Business Development)

Eggzotic produce a wide range of crops and staples that cover tubers, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds. Beyond crops, they are also active in the local production of poultry and fish products. We constantly support our team of producers with the best inputs, tools, training and information that enhances their capacity to perform better and improve yields. At Eggzotic, we have efficient hub-and-spoke warehouse network in rural, agriculturally productive regions that facilitates the channeling of volumes from the farmers. We are always looking out for new opportunities and innovative ways to drive growth, performance and efficiency in our food production operations (Chidozie Gabriel Aboyim, Executive Director, Operations)

Africa’s agro-processing capacity remains underdeveloped in Africa and its under-developed logistics and supply chains is a challenge for international distribution of agricultural products. Furthermore, regulatory requirements and standards for export produce from Africa is challenge hindering growth of agricultural exports from Nigeria. For this reason, Eggzotic is very active in, and focus on, downstream agricultural processes including: cleaning, grading, processing and packaging of raw commodities into branded or near market ready products. Through our partnership with Foresight Consulting, we hope to develop efficient logistics and supply networks to market across Europe and meet all the EU regulatory requirements and standards for agricultural produce from Africa (John-Paul Iwuoha, Executive Director, Business Development)

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