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Executive articles and Publications
At Foresight consulting, we not only consult or train business leaders, we also shape the knowledge community on African business by contributing to both the research community through our publications in highly ranked research journals and also the business community through our executive summaries on specific business issues and opportunities in African business.

Executive Articles /Summaries

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Our Scientific peer-reviewed publications:

  1. Oguji, N. & Owusu, R (2016). Acquisitions Entry Strategies in Africa: The Role of Institutions, Target Specific Experience, and Host Country Capabilities.  The case acquisitions of Finnish multinationals in Africa. Thunderbird International Business Review
  2. Owusu R., Mutshinda C., Antai I., Dadzie, K, Winston E. (2016) "Which UGC Features Drive Web Purchase Intent? Internet Research, Vol. 26, Issue 2.
  3. Antai I., Mutshinda C., and Owusu R., (2015),"A 3-R principle for characterizing failure in relief supply chains’ response to natural disasters", Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 5 Issue 2 pp. 234 – 252.
  4. Dadzie S. A Owusu R. A. (2015), "Understanding establishment mode choice of foreign manufacturing firms in Ghana", International Journal of Emerging Markets, 10 Issue 4 pp. 896 – 920.
  5. Oguji, N., Owusu, R. (2014) Africa as a Source Location. Literature Review and Implications International Journal of Emerging Markets 9 Issue 3, pp. 424-438.
  6. Owusu R., Sandhu M., and Kock S. (2007). Project marketing as a distinct market entry mode. International Marketing Review, Vol. 24, No. 6, pp. 695-714.
  7. Våland R, Soneye A. & Owusu, R, (2012): Local content and struggling suppliers: A network analysis of the Nigerian oil and gas industry, African Journal of Business Management. 6(15), pp. 5399-5413
  8. Kauppinen H., Owusu R., Bamfo B. (2012), Brand salience of OTC pharmaceuticals through package appearance, International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing. 6, Issue 3. pp. 230 - 249.
  9. Våland Terje and Owusu Richard, (2012). Responsible Supply Chains. International Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 7, No. 4; February 2012, pp. 154-171
  10. Owusu, R. and Habiyakare, E., (2011). Managing Risk and Turbulence in Internationalization of Foreign Companies to South Africa: Lessons from seven Finnish business-to-business firms. Journal of African Business, 12:219–239
  11. Owusu, R. A., and Welch, C. (2007). The Buying Network in International Project Business: A Comparative Case Study of Development Projects. Industrial Marketing Management, 36, 147-157.
  12. Owusu, R. A (2003) Marketing and Development. The Role of Project Business in African Development. Journal of the Economic Society of Finland, 2003, No. 2, 117-120.
  13. Owusu, R. A. (2002). Project Marketing to Africa: Lessons from the Case of IVO Transmission Engineering and Ghana’s National Electrification Scheme. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 17, No. 6 2002, pp 523-537.
  14. Owusu, R. A. (2002). Potentials and Strategies for Project Marketing to Africa. Journal of the Finnish Project Management Association, 2/2002, Vol. XXV-ISSN 1455-4178, pp. 30-32


Anthologies / Book Chapters

  1. Mbare, O., Owusu, R., & Habiyakare, E.(2011). Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) In Africa: A Conceptualization and Propositions In Littrell, R.F. & Nel, P.S., *Leadership & management studies in Sub-Sahara Africa Volumes II and III*, San Diego, CA, USA: University Readers, pp. 192-203. ISBN 978-1-60927-546-4
  2. Ramburuth, P., Buatsi, S. and Owusu, R. (spring, 2010). The Chinese Dragon Engages Africa: Opportunities and Challenges. In: Wang Y. and Ramburuth (ed.) Thirty Years of China’s Economic Reform: Institutions, Management Organizations, and Foreign Investment. Chapter 9, pp. 155-167. ISBN: 978-1-60876-908-7.
  3. Habiyakare, E., and Owusu, R. A. (2007). African Regional Cooperation and Growth Triangle Strategies. In: Littrell and Ramburuth (ed.), Leadership and Management Studies in sub-Sahara Africa Vol. 1, 114-122. San Diego: University Press.

Working Paper

  1. Owusu, R. A. (1997). Relationship marketing and the interaction network approach. Working Paper, 346 (1997). Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki.

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