Nordic Business Seminars

Nordic Business Seminars
At foresight Consulting, what makes us different is that in addition to consulting, we organize and promote knowledge sharing through executive business seminars, and we coordinate, write and publish books focused on specific hot topics in doing business in Africa.


2017 Nordic African Business Platform

The theme of the 2017 Nordic African business platform is “Exploiting and Exploring Business Potentials in Africa: Learning from Successful Cases.”

We are glad to be one of the foremost high-quality business platforms for experience sharing within Doing Business in Africa. We offer a wide range of well-designed challenging and hot topics on Doing Business in Africa utilizing unique case companies to promote knowledge sharing through networking and benchmarking.

Our participants are corporate managers managing subsidiaries and businesses in Africa, innovative startups in Africa, investment professionals and experts on doing business in Africa. Our case companies reflect current trends, challenges, hot topics and issues at the forefront of Nordic manager’s investments in Africa. Through our network of researchers, we keep abreast with recent trends and indicators on doing business in Africa which allows us to develop agendas that truly reflect the current learning needs, and the most business-critical topics on doing business in Africa.

The 2017 Platform on Doing Business in Africa will be a 1-day seminar consisting of workshops and general sessions. The case companies presentations will focus on the topics below. Each topic will consist of 2-3 speakes and case companies from Nordic countries doing business in Africa.


  1. Marketing to Business customers in SSA
  2. Securing local content in your business operations in SSA.
  3. How to succeed in export marketing operations in sub-Sahara Africa
  4. Sourcing from sub-Sahara Africa
  5. Challenges and opportunities of ICT in SSA


  1. Project marketing in sub-Saharan Africa (Project engineering, construction, consulting & systems sales)
  2. Innovative Business Models and Marketing to the base and middle of the pyramid in sub-Saharan Africa
  3. How to expand your business in SSA
  4. Securing financing for projects and investments in sub-Saharan Africa
  5. Talent Management and HR strategies in sub-Sahara Africa

Link to Brochure on Nordic African Business Platform 2017..Coming Soon.


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