Training Courses

Training Courses
Our training courses are tailor-made and have been developed using state-of-the-art methodologies. Our training will expose you to new ways of thinking and new perspectives on African Business and will catapult and prepare you for African business assignments and enhance your understanding of African business to a whole new level.

Foresight Consulting organizes training courses on doing and excelling in businesses in Africa. Our courses include preparatory courses on expatriate relocation, doing business in Africa course, cultural intelligence, and business negotiation courses. These courses are tailor-made to our client’s needs. More information below:

  • Expatriate Relocation and Adaptation in Africa Training (ERAAT)

ERAT is a preparatory training session designed to provide training to expatriates relocating to Africa and help them adjust and perform better in the new African country. The training course includes a general assessment of the expatriate’s cross-cultural competence. Based on this assessments, we tailor specific cross-cultural competence training that will be essential to succeeding in the African country.

  • Doing Business in Africa Training (DBAT)

The Doing Business in Africa Training is aimed at providing specific training on various aspects of doing business in Africa depending on the client needs. The training is divided into four modules consisting of:

  • Moving from Perception-Based to Evidence-Based Decision Making on Investing in Africa.
  • African business and culture
  • Planning and management of entry and marketing strategies into African markets
  • Human resource management practices in Africa
  • Business opportunities for foreign firms in Africa and how to exploit the opportunities

By the end of this training, our clients can recognize the diversity, economic development, and investment potential of selected African countries, evaluate them regarding their market potential and identify how foreign multinationals enter into these African markets. Also, our clients gain competence on how to analyze specific strategies for developing business, managing critical human resources and succeeding in Africa.

  • Cultural intelligence and business negotiation training (CIBT):

Our CIBT training helps our clients to explore how culture shapes people behavior, business, and international operations such as business negotiations. CIBT makes individuals practice their cross-cultural skills and uncover new ways of thinking, working and doing business negotiations with people from different cultures, especially in Africa. At the end of our CIBT training, our clients gain confidence, knowledge and expertise in cultural intelligence and business negotiations in Africa.

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